Esprit Community Advisory Group

The proposed plan for Esprit Park was developed and vetted by community members through a Planning Department-led process with extensive outreach. This plan has been provisionally accepted by the RecPark Department. The purpose of the current phase of the project is to translate that community-driven plan into a final concept plan and construction documents that will shape the renovation. Changes to the plan will occur only if discoveries about site conditions, regulatory reviews, budget constraints, etc. force adjustments. And, even then, the goal is to steer as closely as possible to the original plan.

The Esprit Community Advisory Group has two functions: To provide community-based feedback as the plan develops and to carry information about the progress of the project back into the community. The Advisory Group is not a voting body and has no veto authority over the project. But Advisory Group members will have the opportunity to meet directly with City staff and project consultants and to learn about and comment on the plan as it evolves. The meetings will be noticed through the GBD website and monthly blasts and open to the public.

The GBD board is seeking Advisory Group members that:

  • Live in close proximity to the park, especially those who live in larger buildings and can act as a liaison to their HOAs or resident groups
  • Are affiliated with a recognized neighborhood association, school, etc.
  • Are frequent users of the park and are representative of typical user groups
  • Have professional expertise related to project design, development or execution
  • Can be relied upon to attend the monthly/bi-monthly project meetings over the next 6-12 months

Applications and nominations for Esprit Community Advisory Group representatives close on January 3, 2018. All applicants and nominees should submit answers to the following questionnaire by January 3. The GBD Board will confirm ECAG members at the regularly scheduled GBD board meeting on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 (6:30 PM at 654 Minnesota Street, 3rd fl). ECAG meetings will begin in February 2018 and convene approximately every month to two months following for approximately one year, or as needed. A schedule of ECAG meetings will be posted on the GBD website and members of the public are welcome.


If you have questions or comments about the project, the Advisory Group, this process or any related issues, you can contact us at