New 2016-2017 GBD Board Members Elected!!

Election Results from Vote-Now can be uploaded:   Results

The winning candidates were selected by a modified weighting algorithm giving weight to propery owners with the highest assessments but insuring that small property owners had a strong weighting also.   The algorithm is discussed and described in the Interim Board minutes on the Meetings page. 

2017 Board Election Timeline

  • Nomination Period Begins – November 15th
  • Nomination Period Ends - December 20th
  • Election Period Begins - March 1st
  • Election Period Ends - March 20th

Duties & Expectations of a GBD Board Member

The newly-formed Dogpatch & Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District needs Board Members who are willing to take on the rewarding work of starting a new nonprofit organization.  This is not a paid position, but promises the satisfaction associated with improving the neighborhood. The Board is responsible for managing the District's annual assessment income according to the specifications outlined in the GBD Management Plan. The funds are to be used to:

  • Clean, maintain, enhance, and expand Public Realm areas in the Dogpatch and Northwest Potrero Hill neighborhoods.
  • Support community volunteer efforts.
  • Promote sound ecological practices with a locally controlled, sustainable, and transparent funding structure.
  • Promote a high-level of transparency and accountability in how GBD funds are spent.

Board Members are required to attend monthly Board Meetings as well as perform Committee work.  Board Members should look forward to working together along with a part-time paid Executive Director and maintenance staff.

GBD Board Seats

The Dogpatch & Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District Management Plan specifies board composition which results in the seats below:

  • Dogpatch Property Owners – 6
  • Northwest Potrero Hill Property Owners – 2
  • Dogpatch Tenants – 1
  • Northwest Potrero Hill Tenants – 1
  • Green Space Advocates – 3