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Every year five of the GBD's fifteen directors term out and an election is held.  Each seat represents a specific contingent of the district - property owners and tenants, both commercial and residential as well as green space advocates.  This year the five open seats are :

  • Dogpatch Property Owners (2 seats)

  • Dogpatch Tenant or Property Owner (1 seat)

  • NW Potrero Hill Property Owner (1 seat)

  • Green Space Advocate (1 seat)

If you are interested in running for a Board seat, you must register on the GBD website by February 14 2019.  See below for more information on the election process, candidate qualifications and registration form.

Who Can Run?

The GBD Management Plan and Bylaws call for certain qualifications for each Board seat, to try to balance representation between Dogpatch and NW Potrero Hill (based on the relative assessments) and between property owners and tenants, residents and businesses. Some seats are also set aside for green space advocates. See the list of Open Seats for the 2019 Election, above, for the qualifications for the open seats in the upcoming election.

How long do Directors serve on the board?

Directors serve 3-year terms. Board terms are staggered so that one-third of the Directors change over each year.

What are the duties of a director?

The GBD Board of Directors, a working board, is an elected body that conducts the business of the organization. Directors attend Board meetings one night a month, on the 3rd Wednesday. In addition, most Board members also belong to at least one committee or working group. Board members should expect to spend a minimum of 5 hours a month on Board activities. The Board works with the organization’s Executive Director to set strategic goals and manage GBD activities, both internal and external; members interface with neighbors, park stewards, City departments and GBD contractors on district projects; they guide GBD finances and assist in fundraising; they manage outreach to constituents and neighbors and seek to improve the District’s green infrastructure.

How can I find out more about the candidates?

Information on those running in the 2019 election will be posted on the GBD website at after the February 17 filing deadline. Come out and meet the candidates in person the evening of March 7 at the GBD Annual Stakeholders and Friends Gathering. Details about the event will be posted as they are available on the GBD website.

How is the election conducted?

  • Applications & Nominations accepted from January 24 to February 14.
  • Candidates must register by February 14.
  • The election mechanics are managed by the GBD Election Committee. Ballots will be mailed to district property owners to arrive in early March.
  • Every property owner has 1 + (assessment/3000) votes.
  • Ballotting March 1 to March 26. Voting will close on March 26, 2018.
  • Winning candidates will be announced in April,and be officially empaneled as Directors at the Aptil 17 Board meeting.

How do I register to run for election to the board?

Please check the requirements for the open seats in this election and make sure you have the appropriate qualifications for one of them. Click on the "Candidate Registration" button below. Complete and submit the online form by February 14, 2019. We will confirm your application by email or phone no later than February 20.