The Dogpatch and Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District was formed in 2015 by a 76% majority vote of district property owners whose assessments form the base of the GBD’s funding. The Management Plan adopted in that vote regulates GBD finances. The GBD’s elected Board of Directors determines GBD funding allocations. Public Works and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors provide oversight and an independent professional review of the organization’s finances is conducted each year.

The GBD operates on the same fiscal year as City government – from July 1 to June 30. Due to a 5-6 month offset between the start of the fiscal year in July and the receipt of the first assessments for the fiscal year in December or January, the GBD carries over approximately 50% of each year’s assessment revenue to operate during the first half of the following fiscal year.

The District has 2 zones, Dogpatch and NW Potrero Hill. Assessments are expended proportionally in the zone where they are collected. For FY16/17, 85% of collected funds came from Dogpatch and 15% from NW Potrero Hill.

The GBD’s Management Plan specifies that assessment funds will be divided into 4 categories – Maintenance, Capital Projects, Accountability (which includes digital and print communications, outreach, reports, meetings, events and advocacy) and Operations. Because of anticipated variations in the needs of the 2 zones, the percentage of funds specified for each of the 4 categories varies from Dogpatch to NW Potrero Hill. Assessment funds must be allocated within 10% of the guidelines specified by the property owner approved Management Plan. The GBD can use donations, grants and other non-assessment funds for special projects and to provide additional services in categories where needs were greater than anticipated and this can alter proportional spending by category.


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