A New Board Gets to Work

Members of the GBD Board tour the District's green spaces on January 10, 2016

Members of the GBD Board tour the District's green spaces on January 10, 2016

The GBD Interim board put into place all the pieces necessary for the new board to get off to a great start.  After being approved by the Board of Supervisors in July 2015, the GBD is now a 501c3 nonprofit with a bank account (at Umpqua Bank) and an elected board.  But there is a lot to be done to get things moving transparently and efficiently…

Following the Management Plan

The GBD Management Plan and the GBD-City agreement are two of the legal documents that guide the actions for the GBD.  Eleven Open spaces were called out for maintenance.  Additionally the GBD will supplement city services in providing graffiti removal, trash removal and tree maintenance.

Hiring Service Providers

The new board service committee is reviewing the eleven open spaces to determine the level of service needed and create a Scope of Work document.  When this document is approved by the board, a  Request for Proposals will be announced and service providers hired.  The committee is looking for qualified providers and economy of scale.

Meeting with SF City Services

A priority for the board is making sure that the districts services supplement city services and do not replace them.  The Services Committee is setting up meetings with SFRPD, SFMTA, and DPW to work out service cooperation for the district areas.

Assessment Dollars

2016 assessment dollars are available and will be disbursed by the SF Tax Collector to the GBD Umpqua Bank account where it will earn minimal interest until it is spent when service providers are hired and the maintenance work in the district begins. The Board is working hard to establish the budget for 2016 to put assessments to use as quickly and effectively as possible. We will publish the budget as soon as it is complete so that you can understand exactly how, where, and when your assessments are being spent.