The GBD Management Plan

The GBD Board is shaping its work based on the GBD Management Plan's four areas:

  1. Maintenance: maintenance activities like tree care, graffiti patrol, and trash and debris removal, as well as comprehensive maintenance services for all Public Realm areas in the GBD.
  2. Capital Improvements: improvement of existing Public Realm areas and creation of new Public Realm areas, and establishment of new Green Infrastructure in the GBD.
  3. Accountability, Transparency & Citizen Services: management of the GBD’s finances, contracts for services, community outreach, communications and accountability. The GBD manager ensures the smooth operation of the district, advocates on behalf of property owners, and leverages the capacity of the district for maximum benefit to the district.
  4. Operations & Contingency/Reserves:  covers insurance, accounting, audits and financial reviews, and potential cost overruns of the GBD (required budget category).

For more detail on these four service areas, please see Section V of the GBD Management Plan.

Also, please check back in over the course of Spring 2016 for updates about a detailed GBD Services Plan. You may sign up to receive GBD updates here.


GBD services are 'additive'

Throughout the process to establish the Dogpatch & Northwest Potrero Hill GBD, the formation committee has expressed concerns that the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) maintains existing services at verifiable “baseline” service levels. Throughout the duration of the GBD, these services will be maintained consistently with other similar areas of the city.

In approving the GBD Management Plan, the Board of Supervisors confirmed and guaranteed a baseline level of service equivalent to that being provided in similar areas of the city.