GBD Maintenance Funding

The GBD welcomes community input for ways to improve and expand green spaces in the District.  The GBD Board is now accepting applications for the addition of green spaces to the GBD eleven spaces identified in the GBD Management Plan.

Following are the main requirements for a space to be considered for GBD maintenance funds:

  • The subject of the application may be publicly or privately owned, however, it must be publicly accessible in a public realm area
  • Letters of support and commitment from neighbors, businesses, or community groups demonstrating support for the subject of the application

The GBD Board will use the funding guidelines outlined in the GBD Management Plan, namely:

  • How the subject of the application will benefit a broad range of users
  • How the subject of the application will impact social cohesion in light of new neighbors mixing with current neighbors
  • How the subject of the application will impact health benefits in the neighborhood
  • How the subject of the application will impact the environment

Questions on filling out the form can be sent to 


New Capital Projects - funding cycle to be announced

The GBD board is developing the process and system to identify and fund new capital projects, such as new green spaces (including parks, parklets, plazas, gardens, pocket parks and sidewalk greenings), new street trees, bulb-outs and new green infrastructure projects.  

GBD will announce the funding cycle, available resources and issue a call for proposals in the coming months.