The mission of the Dogpatch & Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District (DNWPH GBD) is to clean, maintain, enhance, and expand open spaces, parks, plazas, parklets, gardens, sidewalk greening and the Public Realm in general in the Dogpatch and Northwest Potrero Hill neighborhoods; to support community volunteer efforts; and to promote sound ecological practices and Green Infrastructure with a locally controlled, sustainable, and transparent funding structure.


  • Improve maintenance of open spaces, parks, plazas, parklets, gardens, and sidewalk greenings within Public Realm areas.
  • Build neighborhood capacity to enhance existing, and create new, open spaces, parks, and gardens within Public Realm areas.
  • Advocate for the delivery of CCSF’s existing commitments to our neighborhood parks and Public Realm areas.
  • Create a more ecologically sustainable urban environment with sidewalk greening and Green Infrastructure projects for plant, animal, insect habitats, air quality management, and watershed management.
  • Create a new model of “open-source” neighborhood-level governance by providing state-of-the-art citizen engagement technology and an accessible and transparent management framework.
  • Actively engage the community with the use of online tools that allow citizens to track the GBD’s performance and finances, participate in decision-making and fiscal management, and “crowdsource” new capital project ideas.


Zone I in green and Zone II in blue.

Zone I in green and Zone II in blue.

The Dogpatch & NWPH GBD is comprised of two distinct zones: (1) the Dogpatch Neighborhood and (2) Northwest Potrero Hill.

Zone I – Boundary Description

  • Mariposa Street from Iowa Street to Illinois Street (South side only)
  • Illinois Street from Mariposa Street to Cesar Chavez Street (West side only)
  • Cesar Chavez Street from Illinois Street to Pennsylvania Street (North side only)
  • Pennsylvania Street from Cesar Chavez Street to 22nd Street (East Side Only)
  • 22nd Street from Pennsylvania to Iowa Street (North Side Only)
  • Iowa Street from 22nd Street to Mariposa Street (East Side Only)

Zone II – Boundary Description

  • 16th Street from Potrero Avenue to Kansas Street (South side only, and completely encompassing parcel 3958-006)
  • Kansas Street from the northeast corner of parcel 3958-006 traveling south along the eastern perimeter of the parcel for 100 feet, then traveling west along the southern perimeter of the parcel for 100 feet, then traveling south to the southeast corner of parcel 4029-022
  • 19th Street from southeast corner of parcel 4029-022 to Potrero Avenue (North side only)
  • Potrero Avenue from 19th Street to 16th Street (East side only)
  • Please refer to the GBD Boundary Maps to see if your property falls within Zone 1 or Zone 2 of the DNWPH GBD.


Maintenance: The maintenance service plan includes district scale maintenance activities like tree care, graffiti patrol, and trash and debris removal, as well as comprehensive maintenance services for all Public Realm areas in the GBD.

Capital Improvements: The capital improvements plan dedicates a specific percentage of the annual GBD budget to the improvement of existing Public Realm areas and creation of new Public Realm areas, and establishment of new Green Infrastructure in the GBD.

Accountability, Transparency & Citizen Services: This service category includes management of the GBD’s finances, contracts for services, improving relationship with the public by utilizing web-based services for recording and reporting cleanliness and maintenance concerns and development of public communication and accountability strategy. A GBD manager ensures the smooth operation of the district, advocates on behalf of property owners, and leverages the capacity of the district for maximum benefit to the district.

Operations & Contingency/Reserves: A required operations category that covers insurance, accounting, audits and financial reviews, and potential cost overruns of the GBD.

For more detail on these four service areas, please see Section V of the GBD Management Plan.


A non-profit Board was elected in December 2015 by residents and property owners in the District, comprised of 13 members (link to Board page). 60% of Board members must be property owners, at least half of which must hold primary residence within the GBD, and 40% must be non-property owners, half of which should be green space advocates with substantial experience and 2 of which should represent residential and commercial tenants. Board Members are appointed for a maximum term of 3 years. Initially, Board member terms will vary from 1 to 3 years to allow for staggered terms to prevent wholesale change of the Board. The required geographic distribution of Board members is: 80% from Zone 1 (Dogpatch) and 20% from Zone 2 (Northwest Potrero Hill), which reflects the budget apportionment ratio.

For more information about the governance of the DNWPH GBD, see Appendix A of the Management Plan.


The assessment rate in the Dogpatch & NW Potrero Hill GBD varies by land use type. Commercial, Residential and Industrial parcels are assessed based on their total building square footage, while Greenspace parcels and Vacant/Parking Lots are assessed based on their total lot square footage.

Parcel Land Use Assessment Rate
Commercial/Residential/Other $0.0951 per building sf
Industrial $0.0475 per building sf
Greenspace Parcels $0.0238 per lot sf
Non-Accessible Parcels $0.00
Vacant/Parking Lots $0.0951 per lot sf

For a more detailed explanation of the methodology used to calculate assessment rates, see the Management Plan (Section VII) and the Engineer’s Report (Section G: Apportionment Method).


GBDs are authorized for 10-year periods, with renewal options after each period. Assessments in the DNWPH GBD will be collected for 10 years from November 1st, 2015 through October 31st, 2025. Expenditure of those collected assessments can continue for up to 6 months after the end of the assessment collection period (through April 30, 2026), at which point the GBD terminates if not renewed.


The 2016 budget is $514,852. Of this amount, $492,859 will be covered by assessments paid by property owners based on special benefits of the DNWPH GBD. The GBD Board will be responsible for raising the remaining balance ($21,993) through outside funding sources, including grants, donations, and volunteer hours.


100% of funds must be used within the GBD boundaries and only on the services identified in the DNWPH GBD Management Plan. The City may not withhold assessment funds from the GBD, and may not withdraw baseline services already being provided.


MAINTENANCE - $159,156 (31%)