Esprit Park is the largest park within the GBD boundaries (1.83 acres) and the only Recreation and Park Department-owned facility.  Bordered by stately redwoods, Esprit Park has a sun-filled, groomed field, surrounded by a gravel walking and running path.  It is popular with the neighborhood as spot for exercise on the parcourse circuit, picnics, a gathering place for on-leash dog walking, and just soaking up the sun when the rest of the city is under fog. 

 Esprit Park was created as an employee amenity when the Esprit de Corp clothing company founded by Doug and Susie Tompkins moved its headquarters (now Esprit Homes) to Dogpatch. When the clothing design firm closed their operations in San Francisco they made a gift of the park to the City and its residents. Since then Dogpatch has changed drastically - thousands of new housing units, light rail transit, expanding business and retail, and development in Mission Bay and Pier 70 - making Esprit Park a highly-prized amenity to the neighborhood.

 The GBD assists the Recreation and Park Department on special projects and needs within the park. In the past the GBD has helped by repairing the park’s westside pathway and drainage and removing tree stumps from the field.

 A complete renovation of Esprit is in the works, funded by a large contribution from UCSF and development impact fees from eastern waterfront projects. For more information, see the project page HERE