22nd Street Caltrain Station

The 22nd St Caltrain station has the fastest-growing ridership of any station in the entire state of California. But, with its creation an afterthought and its future uncertain, the station’s conditions and amenities were not being upgraded to match that status. The station was hard to see, and hard to recognize. Alternative methods of reaching the station, other than by car, were not supported. Trash and graffiti collected in the dark space. 

The GBD worked with Project Advocate and GBD Board member Alex Goretsky, neighbors and landscape designer Fletcher Studio to visualize a new station approach and entrance. UCSF supplied funding for the makeover. Caltrain staff provided project oversight and facilitated reviews and approvals. The SFMTA provided secure bike parking  and helped the GBD add designated scooter and motorcycle parking under the cover provided by the 280 freeway. SFMTA also reorganized curb use, with expanded pick up and drop off areas to accommodate private and carshare vehicles. A nearby bus stop was moved adjacent to the station, also under cover. Public Works installed new LED fixtures on 22nd and Iowa to better light the station area and lighting was added as part of the new plaza entrance. The project was also coordinated with Public Works’ makeover of the adjacent 22nd Street commercial corridor.

The GBD is continuing to work with Caltrain and City departments to improve the area around the station. 

  • Made the station more visible and welcoming

  • Increased lighting and improved sightlines

  • Provided parking for scooters and motorcycles

  • Provided secure bike parking

  • Added code-compliant fencing 

  • Improved aesthetics with plantings, seat walls, upgraded paving